Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In respect to my views on black civil rights in US

I had exactly zero problems with black people upon arrival to US. But they did get in between me and Putin(he paid unofficial visits to US beginning 1995) taking his side against me. Thats when things beginning in 1996 started to go from bad to worse in 1997.

I am from Slovenia where I came from to US in 1995, but that still doesn't give you the right as black to get involved against me in US for the sake of my enemy from Slovenia. Corrupt and even NON AMERICAN(non American as if it wasn't for Trump for whom I deem is a traitor to US, I would acknowledge you as total waste of oxygen) is what your black lives matter movement stood ever-since and stands for.

You wanted recognition for yourself - human rights because of which I also came to US, but seeing me in a different light makes you very different from what you preached about throughout history about your civil rights issues. Small country yes, but when it comes to the right of existence with just as big needs as yours.

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