Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I never ever up to date was allowed to have window open of this room practically on the village

There is whatever going on infront of the house right now - noise always was the case, and if nothing was available next to our house they ensured banging went on from Krka Pharmaceutical's direction. If you are to air one during lunch or breakfast break as I did, there will be thing vandalized upon return as neighbors did(used to) get in through balcony.  Is well well monitored whole thing to keep room as little air tied as possible. Don't even think about going sleep with widows open as I did found my way into another dimension in Russia and USA etc...its actually very much fucked up situation and am pleased to write this otherwise 

insane stuff which psychiatric clinic and Moscow prayed for I would for over two decades right here on this blog so without of fear of any kind to be seen as paranoid schizophrenic as they labeled me with to keep truth about ongoing abuse low low - completely silent about it.

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