Friday, September 17, 2021

BIOMARKING ?: Brazil's Bolsonaro going to UN meet despite being unvaccinated

 I was told won't be allowed to escort parents inside of the health facility because of my being un-vaccinated. So I red this news and thought on one word 

only. Will also add to biomarking scenario a possibility on how those who don't vaccinate themselves and what makes Alice's wonderland of Corona-virus even more dangerous, can die if another version for which their genes in crisscross of coming vaccination game due to always new viruses didn't become mutate could wipe them out. Ohh, its a Biological warfare alright.

My advice for you in respect to vaccination ? Its just one single outlet where you read this news compared to other few thousands that repeat the same - so 1 vs thousands and you know what the outcome will be. I have none in this case.

Repeated is...

NOTE: A biomarker, or biological marker, generally refers to a measurable indicator of some biological state or condition. The term is also occasionally used to refer to a substance whose detection indicates the presence of a living organism. Biomarkers are often
measured and evaluated to examine normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention(and more than just a therapeutic intervention as you see here). Biomarker indicates a change in expression or state of a protein that correlates with the risk or progression of a disease, or with the susceptibility of the disease to a given treatment(keep in mind that so-called "treatments" can be distributed via food suply or air/water pollution).

Other biomarkers can be based on measures of the electrical activity of the brain (using Electroencephalography (so-called Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG)) or Magnetoencephalography), or volumetric measures of certain brain regions (using Magnetic resonance imaging) or saliva testing of natural metabolites, such as saliva nitrite, a surrogate marker for nitric oxide.
What biomarker's field is most concerned with are issues in an individual(issues in certain portions of the population that belongs to particular DNA group) such as sensitivity/ specificity/ robustness/  accuracy/reproducibility in one...It starts with
experimental validation(development of the most adapted protocol for routine use of the biomarker in certain DNA group) and ends with protocol standardization(his standardizes(finalizes summary) previously validated/established protocol for routine use(identifies and controls the potential risks of above mentioned).

Imagine to have Dr. Hannibal Lecter(Josef Mengele) surround your country with Bio Labs(are properly called "Bio-Defense Labs") and have his tourists drive through one or perhaps invite workers from one to 

collect human DNA based on certain regions to develop extermination diseases via biomarking technologies = exterminations may no be done with single flue, but with combination of different/variety diseases - meaning that disappearing population which would become either demented or sick wouldn't even know what is happening till all too late - this is what eugenicists love about one.

Brazil's Covid-unvaccinated President Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday he will attend next week's United Nations conclave in New York, effectively defying city authorities who recently announced proof-of-vaccination requirements for all attending leaders and diplomats.

"Next week I will be at the UN General Assembly (UNGA), where I will give an opening speech" on Tuesday, the president said during a social media broadcast.

It will be "a calm speech, very objective, focused on the issues that interest us," added Bolsonaro, who said he would discuss Brazil's approach to the coronavirus pandemic, its agriculture business, and energy.

On Wednesday the New York mayor's office wrote the UNGA laying out the guidelines, including that delegates must show proof of vaccination to enter the debate hall -- a move that raised questions about Bolsonaro's in-person participation. 

The letter signed by New York City's health commissioner said the UN debate hall was classified as a "convention center," meaning all attendees must be vaccinated, just as other people participating in some indoor activities in the city.

Hours later the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he could not impose the requirement on heads of state.

Bolsonaro, who had the virus last year, has said he would be the "last Brazilian" to get vaccinated.

Brazil, with a population of 213 million, ranks fourth worldwide in number of vaccine doses administered, according to research group Our World in Data.

But the president until now has refused to get the shot, claiming that he is already immunized because his antibody rate remains "at the top."

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