Sunday, September 26, 2021

Donald Trump whom I have made already seats in the White House(all this time make no mistake about it and despite all) - as you see US Intelligence already made total accord with Eastern Europe and China in respect to all

There is no one that can stop him - no one that will step forward and surrender tapes I asked for and eastern leaders along their governments agree on whatever is offered to them because for them, silence is GOLDEN.

None of them will risk as seen above or at 

Joe Biden is at this point just a temporary nobody giving Trump a break prior to his return on stage.

Thief, thug, plagiarist whatever as far as Trump - but no one dares to argue with MK Ultra case I made. No one. Disgraced West and beaten up East...just a matter of time and also all with your knows nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing useless idiot help.

Once Trump returns this time, nobody will stop him as it will be a totally different one man show. You'll see.

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