Friday, September 24, 2021

@psychiatric hospital Ljubljana and Slovenian police

 You are just a prison guards with 24/7 surveillance who steal sleep at any time convenient. For 27 years now. Just want you to understand I see through you - understand who you are beasts. Same shit as cows inside of the barn where from one side food is pushed in their mouths and under belly connected pumps pump milk out of them. Since its founding in 1991, Slovenia is a regular stall - not about politicians that much, but more about where country headed and is at since day 1. 

 Swimming in river mornings and as SYSTEM DEMANDED AS WAS TOLD CASE WILL BE MUCH DELAYED KNEE SURGERY MOTHER would take. All good and again adjusted to different needs, but sleep got reduced to even 3 hours from already totally abnormal shot sleep...bestial and exactly as needed synchronized with their broader needs. Nope, I can never ever be good enough because my life is being measured based surreal criteria of psychopaths.

 I don't think I match for biggest losers vagabonds in this world...they are just too damn smart for me regular as Charles Manson stated - nobody. My recognition to both sciences of independent Slovenian state. To so zverine koljači v katerih ničesar človeškega ni.

Slovenia is now for 4 years for me where there is 5 hours of sleep per day and at times even two more hours are taken away. Endless job search car search and repairs of broken destroyed vandalized....I am almost 50 and everyone(the biggest losers I met) involved in torture from eastern Europe or elsewhere globally can laugh at me justly because it is funny its real. Its about proving me life is not worth live for about proving me that I cant for the cost of spine cancer and coming bypass.

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