Friday, September 17, 2021


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Your zest(appetite) to murder based on firm acts of genocide for the sake of reconciliation in the name of totally fake human rights through which you watch from above with your masters on mortals like myself with absolute derision for life and human dignity as you imagined with Moscowian partner Vladimir Putin and his associates , eventually will pass you bye. But for that you have to pay dearly first.

Dead end either way...but dead end make no mistake about it.

Radiation two weeks ago was toxic enough for my mouths' lips as was told case will be would  push through strain of skin into form of elderly 90 years old man(hope you enjoyed

views on crime as was explained case will be reminded in the morning by mother who pushed her lips together with sarcastic smile and see just what can be done with human prior to what queen Elizabeth referred to no to only Biden are newly developed miraculous cancer medications with which I would be left from dead)
and so was poisoning as explained took place and for which Belarus Sergei next to his Lukashenko explained me walk and drinking water while occasionally stopping(laying down) due to pain in kidneys is important....

I will fuck your Western world up of perversion which is based upon since the end of the world war 2 and is indifferent from what started one.

I am not Goodwill Zwelithini or Nelson Mandela - I will give you my name.

Unusual appeal - I know, but when you can do as seen here its not only okay but one proves point even more so.
To remind me of who was here(Biden) in my room, Irish and black lady posed on front page of the company where I got due to invitation via LinkedIn. NEVER DID AND NEVER EVER WILL.

Reminded even of her husband how one always was nice and why I should "work with them to..."...

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