Friday, September 17, 2021

I was told under MK Ultra will charge $50 for signatures signing books all day long - ability to sign that will exceed demand

Nope - not really. Not even a single one once this nightmare is over.

London royals are a very sick monsters(perversion is a way too mild expression).

They mentioned me few names of which one was Mandela, but where is Mandela - who/what got Mandela ? That's right not even a single word about those who ruined his life and burried one(got him murdered - not natural death) on his obituary - it's only his signatures he believed in $ after waisting 27 years jailed that were  left behind as his legacy even disappeared in mean while too... thus on his resume nothing  is worse  than his his death certificate and its what makes one look stupid even in eyes of the entire world regardless yes.

China which signed just as Russia did 1999 NWO accord upon Serbian NATO bombing  will give you people a lots of hell I can imagine, but nothing is worse that psychopathic liars deceivers from London as its what made them smart. Turning my back to them in a sign of trust is a luxury I will never ever afford myself again. They are scary far more more than little Lukashenkos. 27 years of jail,signatures in between, and death certificate where is not even stated per whom/ how and could place him one of his signatures $ he believed in so much on his grave and wouldn't make any mistake..

Signatures can be the most expensive thing one leaves behind with biggest cost to signature author itself...will not forget Mandela's last visit to Bush in white House...I was told is also bugged monitored on that occasion ... 

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