Tuesday, March 15, 2022

THIS NEWS SHOULDN'T DETER NATO FROM DOING(doing its job) WHAT ONE HAS IGNORED DELIBERATELY ON BEHALF ON BRITISH ROYALS: Ukrainian soldiers yell 'God Save the Queen!' when firing UK-made missiles into Russian tanks, report says

Prince William stated in-front of me that he will demand seen here from Ukrainian military for supplies delivered to Ukraine - or nothing he claimed......I already have commented this news including with who got and kept Ukraine economically on knees for no less than 25 years - how Crimea was gone...amazing to note that OPEN war on Ukraine commenced in 2014, and Ukraine received withing this period close to ZERO assistance...world was alarmed under clause "friend in need is a friend indeed" to rather not invest in one as is total war on its way to Ukraine...

Just amazing how low human dignity expectations in nation can be played down - forget about single individual...but entire nation in this case of the biggest European country. British(IF DELIVERY OF WEAPONS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH "ROYALS" ON THE FIRST PLACE WHICH I DOUBT - THESE "PEOPLE" IF ANYTHING WOULD DO ANYTHING TO STOP THEM FROM COMING TO STARVED UKRAINE AND NEWS AS SEEN HERE COULD MEAN THAT) truly know how to do just that...at least NATO member Turkey lambasted by Americans on behalf of Britons didn't ask for Erdogan to be praised by Allah(and that truly should be case of Ukraine)...


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