Tuesday, March 15, 2022

@BUCKINGHAM PALACE - I KNOW WHO YOU ARE: Londonian PARASITES for me to properly express myself used to send me with British journalists to Ukrainian commanders on their frontlines for no less than a decade and half to obtain from them anything that would suggest are NAZI related

After 2014, however, British journalists whenever arriving to Ukraine would signal to Ukrainian authorities WHY PER WHOM those arrived to Ukraine - what to anticipate/why I was brought/ sent by "British royals"...for you to know who these Londonians are in respect to Ukraine. All the instructions for overthrow of Ukraine through my case were dictated to parasites by Moscow. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/ukrainian-soldiers-yell-god-save-queen.html 
Londoners used me in another words to provocate Ukrainian leadership on NAZI issues while engaging under so called "journalism" issues with them(BEATEN UP IN RUSSIA AND INCITED BY BRITISH IN BRITAIN WHERE TRANSFERRED FROM RUSSIA TO OBTAIN NAZI FEEDBACK FROM UKRAINIAN TOP MILITARY COMMANDERS OR UKRAINIAN LEADERSHIP AS THAT IS "HOW WE GET THEM HELP" IS WHAT LONDONIAN ROYALS CLAIMED AND ALL THE INFORMATION IF EVER WAS SUCCESSFUL FLEW THEN BACK THROUGH LONDON STRAIGHT TO MOSCOW)...at the same time Russian propaganda machinery rolled out articles about Ukrainians being nazis....

They were and are up to nooooo good. British journalist Lindsey Hilsum was not reprimanded https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/british-lindsey-hilsum-was-reprimanded.html for actions as I stated - she was death threatened by prince Andrew and others...want to know truth about these so called "British royals" !!???? Then talk to me as no one knows scum https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/03/part-of-why-amero-british-money-ruined.html better than I do. 
And politicians won't tell - are not allowed. This Londonian filth - I will rest when I see them smoke on electric chairs. 

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