Sunday, November 24, 2019

What we have going on basically are "impeachment(rather than arrest) proceedings" to nowhere, and elections of 2020 - all(with occassional help from Buckingham palace, Macron, Kaczynski, and Putin) to cover the worst yet MKultra case as seen right here

They continue to release all sorts of bizare/vulgar news out there - once attention is given(rather than to remove them from public audience with medical services to a safe locations where they no longer would disturb normal people) to either of them, attention is again DESPERATELY redirected in another direction from above mentioned parties to release previous parties from too much attention(ponzi scheme pyramid involving anywhere from Royals to top government officials for purpose of inter/global societies crush)

The whole thing for already 10+ years or since I revealed MKultra case involving politicians(human deities if you are for a laughter) with highest profiles. 

The more revealing crime comes out of my mouths in respect to MKultra torture which lasted from final 1995 to 2017, the louder British Royals and US con politics' scandals are cried out. On what saying "Dogs(you the people blah blah - talk a lot do nothing) are barking and caravan moves on" continues to takes full effect. Its why I have stated that I no longer will post any kind of political news on here. 

Anything goes as you see...whatever they do to me is acceptable - tolerated and rather gratified by those who should investigate this case to avoid the "unpleasant". 

What kinds of George Orwell...his book was a joke.

Yeah, we live in a yuck world. We have seen(learned) that even paedophilia issues from Royals can help resolve deep "crises" world is facing with today(THE TRUTH).

Not a soviet politic is what we witness here, but much much worse as you see. Probably the real reason why USSR failed on the first place(West did same or perhaps even worse, but designed the way to steer need for equal justice within the system into other directions by using corruption as ultiimate tool and even as explained here all sorts of scandals involving top elites and much needed Trump alike clowns/nobodies).

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