Monday, November 25, 2019

Application given to head lady at immigration's office in Lodz

Didn't get 112 ride at Piotrokiwska 103 as promissed by poluce to ensure how I would submit applucation, but was assisted upon return by city and immigration employees. Was also told am not the only one this have happened to and that police refused to assist already before. Not everything was so bad at police do. I got to see police employee for I can say she works there already for sure since 2006. This employee female is now investigator poluce officer, but was not allways like that. She got transferred to that position sometimes in 2008/2010 I think.

I think she worked in legal department or something like that. She had red shirt today and jeans pants...what sense does it make for me to go on and on with it when I have to take care financial matters. I would hug them all(spec. lady up on 3rd floor - city secretary I think with whom I got in trouble today by declining her the right to assist me since I refuse any special treatments vs other people,  but who allways prayed for me according to her alone as told under MKultra), but trully had to finish this part 1 procedure to be able to move on with life to next level. Car's ownership still not transferred and all is really questionable if you ask me.

My plans are big and I dont plan on wasting on whatever time I have left.
Stamped as seen bellow.

Not about what I remember; its about what I do not.

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