Monday, November 25, 2019

Violent paranoid schizophrenic from White House equals American journalists with terrorist specialized in sexual slavery, organized rape, floggings, and systematic executions(sounds like Trump alone doesn't it - specially if you read Hollywood celebrity obituaries these days)

"Conan is trained to attack if you open your mouth" warning the press to be careful.
Poor Melania(I do feel for her now when seeing what I have just seen) acts just as insane(big smile - smile a bit to big for "normal") next to her hubby(must have brainwashed her into whatever as no woman would support degree of violence her husband displayed publicly infront of her) - disregarding weight of words unloaded at unexpected crowd of gathered people - journalists in this case.

And they(US Government) wouldn't provide Mr. (p)resident with emergency vehicle to nearest psychiatric facility !!??? Why not !!????

I hope you do understand now individual is a most serious threat to domestic society as well as to the people abroad.

Ahhh what a beautiful dog right there(Conan)...wish I had big man like that next to me to cuddle with ;) I just love dogs(animals on general) its why :)))

Its not dog that is dangerous - its idiot standing next to him. Its why probably was so much about psychiatrists earlier on today in Lodz where I submitted registration for stay in Poland.
This American eagle made me proud enough to say I am American too(doesn't like ugly "funny" McDonalds alike clowns touching him).

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