Monday, November 25, 2019

They have people who created artificial line at immigration to block me submit application

Some 30+(number went over 60) have created themselves a private written line log which didnt exist 30 min. prior to my arrival.

Polish immigration in Lodz still doesnt have tickets for counters which one would take and there we go. Wait at the window with damage spine just to watch people listing themselvesinfront of you.

Go upstairs to complain and told that police will confront them if I will witness.

Downstairs when waiting in line individual who resembles a psycholigist from Slovenia awaits to remind me yet of more violent MKultra procedure done on me in2015/2017 - if you will not cool down and act normally nothing good for you...

Immigration officers identified immigrants illegally at this office on Friday, byt are unwilling to perform ehatever is rwquired from them. Idea was to implicate me in even more waste of time since setup was used to get me on court...

Clearly not Russians orUkrainians whom Polish authorities are using to deprive of time(also money) and even physically torture - Warszaw alone is cooking all these.

Off course I consider procedure as criminal as it gets(is repeated flashmob) and in addition will add to this it is a torture ,- physical torture related to work which was scrapped to damage spine.

OK. There is one more girl thgat is a doppleganger of Ukr. psycholigist who met me in immigration center in Warszaw(she just gave a unhappy look). I guess to mention her as well.

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