Monday, November 4, 2019

Agata Kornhauser-Duda was also one of the ssweetheart "victims" of mine under MKultra - fake as hell and disaster for all others

Duda used as a pretext for his crime against me(insisted that I insulted her) and am certain to ruin as well some other decent lives - if for nothing else then to get a pretext for his crime against me(even support from victims whom he hurt via his political PiS party) !!!

 Trump insisted on my "ohhh what you did boy"...and whole thing(my insult) was I understand also video recorded...

Well, it doesn't look good for you and me Duda. We three have a personal problem.

 This is a very very funny(unusual) blog folks...I have government administrators not only watching, but also expressing their views on news before one is published...
Disgusting. Evil as it gets. You waited for my apology for long enough. I will do whatever it takes to pay you back your are on same list as Trumps.

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