Monday, November 11, 2019

Massacre in St. Petersburg - MKultra(the truth)

When walking streets of Petersburg in Russia sometimes in 2013, we visited with European economic delegation also apartment of this very professor - he had young female back then as well. Will not go any further on whom...the point is that man who got involved in MKultra sometimes in 2005/2006(I met his female student who claimed was threatened/tortured with iron - her history of abuse has roots in family's domestic abuse case prior to professor and was used only to file report against one for the sake of the future reference) did contributed a lot to France and Russia by getting himself involved in between(a transaction agent who didn't become as wealthy anywhere even near Vladimir Putin)

It was said(they compared me with him due to relationship which I had with West according to their perception; not mine - company where I worked recently had workers Poles and Ukrainians profiting just from having me around under MKultra because often times very welcomed foreign money found trace to their cities in Poland in Ukraine and I have audio proofs for here stated as well) from Putin's side that man was evil neonazi traitor to Russia who will be destroyed in the future...girl(also his student related to his threats as seen in media on how he will dismember her with sword and iron or whatever) who was involved in MKultra in 2005/2006/2007/2008(whom I can also describe to make myself clear) threatened to create false accusation against him at police headquarters and its what will be used in the future to create yet another plot to destroy him...

Was he a bad man ? Did he deserved to be seen in river and more importantly above seen news !!???

Perhaps he was a bad man...I have no idea because my Mickey Mouse persona under MKultra didn't fit any logic in real time...I understand, however, that he did related to one - he advocated me. 

The question now opens on why did man advocated me !???? Did he advocated me because he truly had some sort of insane neonazi vision  which I displayed without fear to the people in their faces when subjected to torture or was it for some other reasons !!????
Know that above Marine LePen's news is related to heavy financial investments that this man brought to St. Petersburg just as people I have mentioned have brought to their origin destinations when working in mentioned Polish company(right here in Zgierz - company I have spoken about, but yet have to place audio recordings online). This in my opinion also is the question of "to be or not to be" it comes...was problem to Putin in respect to this very man issue related to his insane stand in the past(perhaps even in present - its what I am afraid off) or was there some other obstacle in between that would motivate one into portraying something as horrific as news were were capable to read about !!??? Help to me(I reject one if so because of what I was seen after termination of MKultra in 2006 and because of what I was subjected to - nothing other than American agent unwelcome in my own home in Slovenia after being thrown out of US via most horrific ordeals and unemployment - at the same time Putin and others who benefited through me became multimillionaires - the least multimillionaires including Kaczynski) so I can confirm more MKultra proofs(watch bellow) that ranged globally with flow of politicians !!!???? 

Major or St. Petersburg gestured when asked by myself about this very man's destiny answered that he in no way would touch him, but that is up to others to decide what...St. Petersburg's political squadron gestured that they will let him live in his apartment(I will show you and what most likely is even his street) because of goodies Russia received through to him...this unless Kaczynski's scenario(in this case we could have very well human parts assembled from other people - he also tested for powerful unknown substance) repeated, was/is just not the case. Possibility also exists he will spend the rest of his life(PAY ATTENTION JUST HOW QUICKLY HE ACCEPTED BLAME ON HIMSELF - RECOGNIZED CRIME DESPITE MENTIONED FACTS ABOUT POWERFUL UNKNOWN DRUG SUBSTANCE) just like German agents do, life on some remote farm/village of his choice - yeah, with very woman whom he supposedly dismembered. I have recognized quite a few Germans and Americans in Belarus - 2017(on hideout), but Putin/Merkel gestured to have entire colonies of people resettled across the remote parts of Russia...soooo...

Either way and since I do not know what exactly happened, I adhere to the beautiful Russian/Polish/Ukrainian diversity and believe(opposite from Macron/LePen - traitors who used me and seems too to profit and betray upon profiteering just as seen above) that people who are in it to break one should be decimated - reduced to zero. Money of those who brought such curse upon the country(beautiful communities like Zgierz as an example), taxed to the point that local businesses could recuperate as fast as possible. 

Native people who brought such financial curse upon their communities should be heavily rewarded(it makes countries which received financial wealth under circumstances as mine MKultra was even more liable) and for sure left in peace/prosperity. Thank for as long as alive. 

If you didn't like his attitude or whatever if this is the case on the first place, you had the right to #1 reject foreign investments #2 jail him for distribution of hate #3 expel him from country and so forth. 

I will not waste my time on above seen French garbage because it does me nooo good. There always were people like this in every country and always will be. What we see in France effected numerous lives of native French people who did expressed their opinion loudly on streets...but how can that be  help of any kind since money for LEPEN came from Russia - from Vladimir Putin(real traitor of Russian people that is) banking institutions alone !!????? 

You get it !!????

Proofs about MKultra
I am certain man wouldn't do anything as seen in the story to her. He was(as far s I can recall) a patriotic Russian who wouldn't betray Russians with Asian or other admixtures. He played villain to get game going. St. Petersburg's government prefers 62 years olds not having children with 24 years olds and this is most likely what the case will be with the couple(life away from big international city with children somewhere).

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