Friday, November 8, 2019

HORROR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOSCOW: Neonazi which invaded Ukraine with German oil purchases and Western military upgrades for the sake of own tsarist ambitions have young and elder Russians reenact WWII victory parade which Russia accomplished in war against Hitler

@Russia...once you clean up mess you have created in Ukraine, world will again believe in your parades related to victory of your grandfathers who gave their lives to defeat Hitler - till then, you and your parades look like a bunch of undercover neonazi shows on display operations. Your lovely leader whom you have embraced for the sake of territorial ambitions in brotherly Ukraine, have stripped you TEMPORARY of any rights to celebrate what should remain as the biggest honor of all Slavs.

Amongst Slavs, nobody is related to one another more than Ukrainians and Russians...yet Putin's salt on wounds of Ukrainian suffering due Joseph Stalin oppression made deep these wound reopened. Thanks to Vladimir Putin, American soldiers border now Russian Polish border and Black Sea have never ever seen American ships as north as they have found themselves today...

YOU HAVE A PROBLEM RUSSIA !!! A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM TO WHICH UNDERCOVER NAZISM(even plan to exterminate via social engineering Russian portion of population with Asian DNA admixture) IS NOT AN ANSWER.

We Slavs are not only related to one another only, we are brotherly nations in fact...much more related to one another than as an example Germans/French are...yet we treat one another in most doggy ways possible.

Putin's agression on Ukraine was not a sign of patriotism, but instead greed - own ambitions dragged him into war against Ukraine...reason for agression was stollen Russian taxpayers' money which had to be justified(loaded private Putin's banking acccounts, palaces, and even thirst for tsarist title) for himself and his cronies...parade of today gestures us Slavs outside of the Russia a compliance with non existance during very difficult times...situation as is, is taking Russia away from the rest of the Slavic population - making one dependand on West just as drug addicts are dependant heroin/opium...WAKE UP RUSSIA !!! STOP NIXING WWII VICTORY AND PUSHING US AWAY FROM ONE ANOTHER.

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