Sunday, November 24, 2019

There will be no water till tomorrow

Lunacy engineeriing to make Mr. Donald Trump look good involved beside consistant sub zero temperatures also lack of water. No notice whatsoever was given to me by landlord yesterday even when speaking to him on phone. He claimed to know nothing about what happened(suggested possibility of whole street involved in lack of water), but according to his mom did delivered her water since problem exists in whole street only infront of her property where I am also located. Problem seems to be also non existing as is water pipe most likely which is closed only for my residence. And so I hope that this real news took place via Kaczynski for an idiot in the White 's sake conspiracy theories(those don't exist unless you have real people talking about them - demonstrating them in their life as real) makes him look good when he lies in your faces along with British Royals. You am sure you get the drill.

All this the day prior to meeting(tomorrow - couldn't do on Friday because window where otherwise would be served closed hour and 15 minutes before end of the work at 1315 hours for lunch break and line became extra extra slow with more people inside that ever before) with immigration tomorrow which issues I didn't even touched yet...they made things impossible for my using government related services related to spine injury. I was compelled by doctor(he refused to examine me two weeks ago and local ZUS refused to assist - they haad me go from one place to the other at least 10 times within week all for nothing - appointment for orthoped scheduled two months ago for March next year) to report as READY for work search instead and so on...

Total lunacy for lunatics to look more real - in this case acceptable to you the people. Not George Orwell, but totally other issues we are dealing with(way beyond lunacy).

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