Thursday, November 28, 2019

NOW OPEN SADISM: American presidential neonazi family calls for bloodshed ahead of holydays :)))) Wants to play with human immotions on a broad scale - Kim Jong #2 knows the only way to survive is to overthrow the state via military coup and he has all the cards(controlled opositin) in his hands

Don't know how much you have noticed, but for each proof I release - something wild happens out there to get attention away here. No one, however, sees, hears, or wants to respond to this news site(last time prince Andrew accomodated with his pedophilia news which he didn't mind at all just to get attention away from facts touching Kaczynski/Trump's crime against me)

Thus leaving me with question if its even worth to post on here any longer. Humanity will be self exterminated with great cause(good reason and not even all via controlled opposition). Its not Trumps - its you people that are sicker than Trumps.

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Trump clowns are up to more than just posing(provocating) as clowns

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