Monday, November 4, 2019

Have enough evidence to proof Trump/Duda's plot behind car

Was not about even leaking transmission was 100% about deliberate act of sabotage as told today upon examination of transmission by mechanic. Sabotage was 100% done by mechanical shop which I pointed out. It was not three car keys that were stolen, it was a remote controller for car's alarm that was stolen(central locking system) what gave and gives perpetrators importunity to enter vehicle as pleased. This one was stolen by neighbor. 

Inspection(for the state) technician involved in MKultra gestured replacement of catalisator(catalytic converter) cost to be twice s much as car(not truth, but one will cost 1/4 of car), and same followed with several other mechanics all involved in MKultra procedure for what I have proofs. Idea was to push me in a sale of the car via panic supported by numerous scenarios from MKultra. What followed was transmission setup in mechanical shop which forced me on local gas station where people involved in MKultra(HAVE PROOFS ABOUT THEIR INVOLVEMENT AS WELL) set me up with mechanic involved in MKultra who came in after hours from near bye to inspect to the car. He gestured that entire transmission with clutch is broken which will cost me about four times car cost to costed 30zl today and was done bye mechanic whom I have also recognized and who knew exactly what to twist for problem to be fixed in just two minutes. This last mechanic is not related to above mentioned politicians.

I have audios and advanced knowledge of here mentioned people/area as well as car prior to purchase which I can use for 100% legitimate proofs concerning car plots(I have even met people and told them where they live in city as big as Lodz). All gather atop of me week prior to end of registration period concerning technical examination and move to new residential location from where one month of rent was also stolen today.

Seller also failed to write correct amount of money on contract. 400pln instead of 900pln. Time to contact what Trump and his insisted will destroy me. Courts.

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