Monday, November 18, 2019

At doctors office today, I met yet another very interesting person involved in MKultra - VENOL included

I was nothing else than flirt when subjected to MKultra. Resented for that role by someone very important to me today for the role of which I wasn't aware because I didn't dare to even think something real between the two of us could ever become even possible...she knows who I am talking about(left many MKultra sessions giving her "yes" as promise, but was hurt inside of me because I was certain something like this could never come to false promises for which I wished for and leaving each time with pain in heart...I did what hurt most repeatedly for years).

One of the ladies whomI met earlier today(I have proofs for here stated), and whith whom I have also flirted when subjected to MKultra was identified some 10/15 minutes after leaving hospital TODAY- right in front of library in Zgierz it came to me her exact apartment location in Zgierz. 

We somehow bumbed at her infront of this very doctoral office when brought there under MKultra... Begun to flirt her and eventually became interesting to her enough to reveal me entire background about herself. Incl. her apartment location. It happened sometimes in 2010, I estimate...perhaps even latter. So there you have it - yet another MKultra proof...
When people got involved in case, their neighbors wanted to help s well...its this city Zgierz that adapted me as own child...I think they wished for me to get completely lost in this life just so I would land here for good:)) 

was told in Grotnikih by librarian under MKultra that will no longer be the same for natives once I am gone...once I make it. What about if I don't want to leave...

Thank you lady :)))

She was rated by nazis as non Aryan and myself as mistaken...well, she was and is beautiful to me. I yet have to see ugly Polish woman - they were all pretty to me so far. Case similar to Venol company(coming next) where war exploded due to my preferences to see in females as pleased...Venol is a German company located in Lodz - case extremely important for me and one helped me shape my idea about Poland and on how to view myself in this life. Lady for whom I have expressed interest(she was first one on what I have fallen for several others, but hey what is new - Sebastian would want to date all ladies in this world when subjected to MKultra) was eventually severely discriminated against by Germans and Trump's Americans for her physique which according to them reminded on Russian Roma or was obsession among them for me to demonstrate my views only as pure German/Nordic and this was luckily for me just not the case. She eventually landed job in company due to German discrimination as locals demanded her employment with company as predisposition for their right to do business in Poland. Girl back then was crazy about me and begun to date Ukrainian individual with whom she become pregnant. Stayed grateful to me to very today. Will not go into further details. Met her and her comrades about month ago in their company where I tried providing them successfully with English language teaching curse...was there once only and for a single hour and half...left home and sorted out thoughts...can give history on this people and factory alone where I was - even that not invited on factory premises yet, I did go inside and can describe one from what it looks on the inside with Chriss from Colorado...I also remember workers inside and so on...this case is soooo huge and undeniable that I do not understand people who try to break is unstoppable as my memory is very clear/strong.

Thank you Polska :)))


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