Wednesday, November 20, 2019

AUDIO RECORDINGS ARE ALL READY: Here(more of LODZ CITY) is what was identified today and I call Polish population of Lodz/Zgierz as well as Warsaw and other parts of Poland(incl. Gdansk, Lublin and everybody in Poland and Ukraine acquainted with my MKultra case) to immediatelly come forward with case to help me and what foremost is becoming a tragedy in US where

Decent Americans are fighting for Poland and Ukraine to stay alive. 

Many decent people you won't get to see no more(are gone for good) - its too late for them !!! I told you all about already(some I didn't mentioned) !!!

Many are throwing themselves under the bus for the sake of Poland  right now - TODAY !!! 

Will Poland come to their rescue !!??? 

Certainly we will soon know what kinds of country is this it Fort Trump(Hail Hitler) state or land of brave and free that resisted Hitler 70 years ago when Warsaw ended burned to the ground !!!

I went beyond to prove case which I plan on using to save world from beasts that burned one 70 years ago - including beautiful Poland. Will you help me...I have plentiful of audio recordings and some videos to prove everything stated under this news as well as all other news I posted. 

Regarding St. Petersburg(Russia) news posted the other day only that I have memory to prove what buildings looked on inside even before renovations took place and what business were inside for shorter periods...St. Petersburg(Russia) will not let go. Facts are facts. Was there and have recognized city beyond doubts.

Lodz city today - greater area.
I identify random gentleman at inspectorate for work in Lodz city. He is not employed for state, but works privately for many years in this very building already...I describe where he worked and what side of floor his office is located - what he sells(never supposedly was on his floor and didnt go ton his floor either, but can even describe his offices). Got confirmation from state employee(think she is a state employee - she also worked here in 2013 already - beside her, I also recognize another young security officer lady who worked in this building for long time already)
 Ericsson - must use toilet on my way to inspectorate and I identify consequently two female security officers who worked there since beginning of this building. I increase claim from 2015/2013 which both confirmed to 2010 or whenever they opened this building(In now something special about this very building - just realized right now when writing here written and can give yet another account about construction of one ;). Younger one was the one I have fallen for under MKultra(I was nothing than flirt under MKultra - a tears for some and joy for others).
 On my way back to car I identify lady on this very location where it says credits etc...its a copy shop and always was copy shop....she works in copy shop where I return shortly to make copies...she was yet another sweetheart I expressed interest for under MKultra - she got job here sometimes possibly even in 2008, man about 175cm tall who expressed interest in my case meets her in this store consequently and both get married via this case. Live in apartment building or house near apartment building. Man has higher education(perhaps even weather related or geology or something weird like that - didn't dare to ask her) was confirmed to me...apartment building is what I was shown and what sticked in my head the most(need more time to concentrate on issue - know that Russians or Kaczynskis did meddled heavily in memories and blended them with other locations - if house was involved then first floor and can give detailed virtual description of place incl. on path to get there - I can see father of husband, tiny child nd whole beginnings may go well into 2006) and she confirms portion also with "wife is wife ?"(promised me to remind me of what went on between the two of us if I ever make it). Owner of shop must be engineer(he was working on his degree when I met him first) and I can describe both  - this always was photocopy shop despite sign right there you see on doors. 

Exactly on location where you see, I found tall and strong gentleman(over-weighted and close to 2 meters tall(am just 183cm) involved in MKultra already in 2010(I ask for 2015/2013 whatever and get green light). talking to another gentleman who sure looks like bus driver with ID  hanging around his neck(about my size - perhaps few cm less). The two talk to one another and smoke cigarettes. I pass them bye - pretend to see know nothing, but I turn around and confront both. Not bus drivers, but instead tall one identified as long time employee at this shopping mall(a security officer) and the other one employee as well(partially mistaken him at first for being possibly bus driver, but remind myself of being in his store s well and in continuation of recording explain also where on the first floor he works IF YOU WOULD enter those side entrance doors which I did under MKultra). Both laughed and shake my hands...tall guy teased me under MKultra a lot :))) 
I proceed to National Foundation of Health - its where I identified security officer before I have even spoken to him...gentleman who is over weighted is expert at this location - rather than proceeding to make mistake as other prior to me did, I recall his expertee and instead ask him what window I should use(process request for proper electronic ticket) to avoid loosing time. He advises me and I get to window fast - on my way out he gives me green light ion being employed at this place for God knows how many years - I went to 2010 I think or perhaps 2008....what I didn't ask, but did recorded on my way to next location was gesturing myself how one has diagnosed on health record a very specific health condition that makes him look like will fall a sleep during conversation - yes, it was something about that too under MKultra, but I realized a bit too late - not too late do. Ask him...

Provincial Łódzki Urząd Wojewódzki w Łodzi - Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców
Its where should obtain residence card. 

Before I even start work, I identify state worker - yet another sweetheart in whom I have fallen in love when riding in Lodz also with what was Borut Pahor to this very location sometimes in summer of what I think was 2008/2010 the latest. She awaited on me just as she promised Pahor would on the corner of building #1 to give me instructions on where to get papers...before she does it, I tell her that she is a state employee and works inside of the state building(not a random person on street sidewalk)...I go further and remind her of our dejavou during which she promised Pahor will assist me with information...blushes, but says nothing(very very important as whole thing is a transcript of MKultra scenario according to which present time is played - not paranoia mixed with memories, but factual proven memories with proven scenario already on several occasions).

I proceed to #2(Piotrkowska 104) where I identify security officer(old-timer at this place) who gives me green light about being one. As I entered building I bump into group of his coworkers in which I also recognize female security officer - is on that location with him as long as he is(talking far far back again - didn't ask her as I rushed to another location but say these here).

I continue to location Piotrkowska 103 accross the street, but you wouldn't know where is if you weren't there already - GPS AGAIN TEMPORARY(whenever in search of anything important - GPS on tablet is always disconnected - my telephone new arrived broken with modified software and son on - video coming) dies till I actually enter place on what one turns itself on....its too late for me - office closed, but I talk to couple from Taiwan and fail to ask them about IF THEY WERE THERE ALREADY IN 2015(100% in 2017), AND I GUARANTEE YOU THEY BOTH WERE !!!

I exit and proceed to ask about photos in next door place #3 - its very old acquaintance standing outside - she wouldn't let me not ask her...was at the entrance when entering Piotrkowska 103 and before going to #3 location - I instead leave female in my age aside without asking her anything and proceed to #3...inside I observe gentleman involved in MKultra - this is shop which existed already in 2013 - most likely even 2010 if not earlier. I remember shop as newly opened and it may go even to 2006. Gentleman, however, is a trickster...he has a very very specific smile that will trigger your memories and next to him Ukrainian lady is standing who was involved in MKultra already in 2008 100%....I feel weird to ask her if we know each other, but she was also one of my MKukltra sweethearts...she has kids now and if I remember(I think so - yes yes) properly right now, she is married to Ukrainian diplomat😎😎😎 !!! Heh :)))) Didn't ask her anything at all - didn't spoke to her at all - but am quite sure...

Photo employee from location #3 declines my question on how he is employed at this location for 10 years - suggests is new(2 months only - ghost employee was used in past for this encounter as they know steps needed to pursue my life in Poland). So far, I either had 100% hit to far far back in the past when identifying people or proven 100% state lie as they planted people to pose me as totally new when identified from past. That equals to 100% hit. I exit shop and am determined since he gave me 2 months answer to grab more proofs to prove I was here...I see lady standing again there waiting for me to approach her and I do !!! Not a state worker, but Ukrainian year older than myself who was yet another sweetheart and whom I have insulted after she flirted with me and then proceeded with another man :))))) poor me...

On question if she is in Poland already for at least 15 years answers that she is new...her son that is 29 years old and how my Russian is(Russian issue became involved during MKultra and she took Russian side against me - "Russian issue", however, never ever existed other than in Putin's head - whole Belarus, Ukraine, Pland, and Russia knew and know this fact). She smiles and even expresses interest in Slovenia, but I know her...we know each other for God sake...I determined and she finally gives me signal about her friend who left for work to Slovenia 5 years ago...I met her as well and she got job via Slovenian politicians there :)))

Was too late and have to return to Zgierz(some 10+ kilometers) was great, but I am determined to complete one in style !!! On my way I tell to audio recorder where state employee works whom I have met ion the beginning...I describe in audio recorder her exact location in building where I supposedly have never entered just as the case was with case #1 when man was identified...LOOK AT HER - SHE IS UP FOR ONE MORE CIGARETTE AND GIVES ME A CHANCE TO ASK HER QUESTION...FIRST FLOOR, STRAIGHT DOWN ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE CORRIDOR....THERE ARE WINDOWS THERE AND YOU WORKED ON ONE OF THE WINDOWS, BUT NOW YOU ARE SUPERVISOR(didn't mention her this brutally about being supervisor, but I do now as my memory is super powerful when writing this😎😎😎😎😎 !!! 

She gives me green light about herself in respect to building for which STATE OF POLAND HAS NO PHYSICAL PROOF OTHER THAN UNDER MKULTRA I EVER WAS IN THERE !!!


I told you Poland I will give you case proven beyond any doubts(not only from my side, but also Polish state) as hard core fact. I am asking you for you to do your part now...they(not only myself) are waiting on you !!! There is nothing separating between total nazism(your death) other them them !!! Each they are and will be lesser and lesser unless you jump them to the rescue right now !!!

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