Wednesday, November 27, 2019

How I was denied financial support as disabled person in Poland

I was crippled because of very simple reason - so I Americans(Trumpsters) who come to Poland can claim equality issues :)))) Kaczynski have seems forgotten about Slavic brotherhood, but I will remind him and Trump(GERMANY) very m,uch of one. Main beatings are coming, but not for the sake of Polish disintegration. For the sake of Slavic unity instead.

That Duda and Kaczynski are retarded people is not even a secret. They know not beyond crime.

This is NOT America where we don't have already by law equal rights as American citizens - naturalized citizen was told on milluion occasions is not same as born in US citizen.

This is yet another Slavic state where Slavic people according to the law of Slavs(Slavic brotherhood) do have greater rights vs other immigrants - something big Germany is trying to depive Poland, Czech rep. Slovakia as well(big jail of the nations and the one in progress known as EU is what we have going on).

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