Friday, November 8, 2019

There allways were people like Kardashian/Kenye West

Some even served in German military despite tasting on own skin real intentions of German Reich and knowing what their destiny will be. Prior to WWII, some black slaves were used(comes as close to Trump/Keyne relationship) to convince other blacks to comply with slavery - not to revolt and instead obey white masters...have teached own people to see themselves rather like animals whose purpose was not to serve in this world as a part of humanity.

Black people in US should condemn Kardashian/Kenye West as severely as possible for their criminal conduct. Whole thing is a shame. Disgrace for entire US and it shows just where society placed them within.

I believe Kenye West to be product of artificial art. Result of stolen music from other artists. Given one via selected few whom he is expected to sere as we see. Every unhappy with color(he blitched his skin to look whiter and even ended up with nose surgeries that had as a result nose felling down his face) of the skin Michael Jackson might have very same issues going...

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