Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Kaczynski's two party HATE system in Poland supported 100% by German state(knows nothing about)

--7 Years old girl screams "leftists/communists on trees instead of leafs"


#1 wing Kaczynski inside Sejm

#2 what we see on streets paraded with exact Kacznski's mottos(from antisemitism to all other forms Kaczynski supports inside of parliament - Sejm).

Question is what to do to stop future Reich's orders from the other side of Oder river used to destroy Poland, so those wouldn't repeat:

#1 Police should be supported by military if necessary to the point that few thousands of this thugs would be apprehended physically(restrained/arrested).

#2 Charged at police station for causing violent public disobedience, charged with batteries on against police officers(cost 5000zl for both) + with attempt to spread intolerance/hatred publicly(attempt to ruin image of Poland internationally).

#3 Have collection agents and attorneys collect above mentioned money through courts and whatever means necessary that something like this would never ever repeat. In fact use money for modernization of security arsenal(cameras and other id systems - even increase number of police officers via reserve service, so those can be used during emergencies if necessary) as well as other means that would improve safety of police and citizens.

Why such actions:

Because Polish taxpayers must not be charged financially due to issues which of some that are endangering safety of its citizens. Let those who cause destruction of property and reputation of Poland deal with it via collection agencies. Because Polish diversity of immigrants often used as escape option from violent oppression systems(something Poland must never become for its citizens) exile which most often ended in tragedy for those - this would lead toward division of nation(side from outise would refuse to connect with inside and vice-versa) as the case is in my own Slovenia and many other eastern European countries. Because as a state of people which were scattered all over the world(also occupied by other nations historically), Polish state should regardless strive toward tolerance even toward those which somehow do not understand importance of mutual cooperation with all countries on global scale...always be ready to assist them in need wherever they are - give them a chance to rehabilitate to normal state of mind through life(the worst thing is to make people run across the border and watch them homeless elsewhere).

Parents of 7 years old girl, however, I would summon to psychiatric examination and order them consultations. Would also involve child services to ensure that her childhood is not replaced with mental issues of parents. Vodka has again a lot to with it and seems seen people have too much time(money) at hand to throw away, but we know who is giving giveaways for such matters...

Kaczynski's political party should face state prosecutor as well for spreading hatred and face financial charges accordingly - I wouldn't be shy in launching investigation in possible proven connection between his party and Berlin. Time to stop deliberate sabotage inside of the Poland against Poles to which we witness on every step of the way in Poland - its where people are offered locally 2000/2500pln(500 Euros per month) per month neto pay(including inside of the German/American companies which lodge in Poland) and across the internet(and public adds at employment office) via super heavy spam on German side four times more. Its time to introduce Poland instead of buying those garbage American planes to nuclear armed nations to ensure that tragedy from 70 years ago which is AGAIN STANDING RIGHT INFRONT OF THE DOORSTEPS OF POLAND FROM BOTH SIDES wouldn't repeat again(something Israel can assist with greatly - Germany has worse than nuclear weapons handy already and its why one wants to get red of them taking Poland with its idea about nuclear disarmament along). Time to ensure well being of real Polish father, so children and their moms can sleep in peace at night.

Nationalism lost its value by West equating one with nazism and must no longer be allowed as such in Poland...nationalism should evolve itself unto next stage which is to primary assure that all Poles regardless of their background are treated equally. Ensure that people have the right to exercise their choice according to civil rights...ensure to through integration of foreigners commence market with all nations worldwide(reject German idea about slavery which Berlin proposed for Poland - use Poland for dissemination of hatred while trading with non European countries), ensure safety standards for investors who feel to invest preferably into well secured countries(German and Russia in this case as Poland has nothing realistically to offer on potential war-field which is coming closer and closer by the day in defense from these two), ensure confidence of own business people as well as Polish community across the world with above mentioned principles.

Kacynski/Duda - this is a 100% death of Poland

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