Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In 2017 - Belarus

Under MKultra well brainwashed on afterlife issue which Russian government would offer me in case I would ever made it to Belarus/Russia(if I would favor Putin)...Not too far from Vitebsk Russian KGB brainwashed me under MKultra on booommmm accident during which I would just thrown myself on the floor and pretend dead. s soon as the car would run into me according to scenario, shooting would commence and its when I would take cover by throwing myself on the floor - faking dead. Afterlife would follow on Russian village far from reality in a world where many European exiles(incl. German) would find their relief from struggles. German  catalogs(Quelle etc. alike) would ensure arrival of goodies and so on...it was just continuation of offers under MKultra which UK presented for Canada, newly occupied territories by Israel in present Syria and so on...

Americans had their versions prior to Belorussian Vitebsk where CIA was also heavily involved and where preliminary(if mentally fit - qualified as far as accepting option) was interrogated on issue by so called refugees(Vava from Donetsk - just s the code name of Putin is) if to proceed with it or back to bloody reality...know that once you are listed as dead and new identity is issued to you, you have less rights than even dead people. 

Young as 20/25 people disappear in accidents like this(beautiful young girls that are used to marry mentioned here and so on afterwards) frequently find themselves in this types of circumstances. World we live in, went upside down as one possibly could be.

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