Monday, November 25, 2019

Honest to God, I believe prince Andrew is just a MKultra victim alone - Charles got him and he traditionally spent a lots of time next to Trump and others

I disbelieve that father and husband as he is would truly take stand from his own point of view as he did. However, when considering MKultra brainwash, the possibility of what we have witnessed increases to 100%.

Let me just say, victims are brainwashed in a such way to see themselves in a role which they tend to portray that they decline to distance themselves from tunnel of brainwash and take neutral stand/view from broader horizon. They have psychologists who match victims' psychological profile for them to evaluate themselves on how victim would feel in respect to certain situations on what they compress brainwash scenario through which victim is given(presented with) 1001 reason on why one should feel as he/she latter depicts picture to public. Charles is obsessed and always was obsessed with throne. He did it to me, so I don't see why wouldn't he get his hands on Andrew.

Will give him video on this subject.

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