Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Story of Russian professor perhaps more real than what I anticipated

You should also never do stuff like this in Russia if you are connected to some government related conflicts because KGB knows how to use it. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2047006/Video-Russian-military-professor-dancing-student-later-killed.html

His attempted suicides might be a reflection of his and her reality. Did the two begun to display abnormal behavior to CONTROLLED society which is insensitive for intercultural views and whole matter led to a real disaster !!?????

You want afterlife !!???? You talked to your friends/family there will be fake accident in which you will disappear covered by your local media and now you found yourself in whatever circumstances(who knows under what kinds of issues that may be totally different from promised chocolate afterlife - something you might have even temporary experienced and while it appealed to you at the time is now completely different) perhaps even in another country !!???? 

To late for you. And while I understand certain point of view related to this scam issue from American side(incl. Israeli gov. they did awarded special ops. or children of high ranking people with new identities/lives away from public and so on), I would strictly recommend you to distance yourself from one if you reside in Russia. Putin used to play with news like this whenever some high positioned military officer(example https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valery_Asapov) disappeared, but know that for every high ranking individual(or whatever individual) "missing in action"(POSSIBLY missing in action as you don't know with certainty even for that matter) a possible REAL GRIZZLY story of Oleg Sokolov, a 63-year-old professor at St. Petersburg State University, can happen to 100 of you. WHO KNOWS IF OLEG SOKOLOV'S STORY PRIOR TO INCIDENT TO HIS FRIENDS/FAMILY MATCHES HIS REALITY OF TODAY INSIDE OF THE RUSSIAN CELL. PUTIN'S KGB KNOWS EXTREMELY WELL HOW TO TURN PEOPLE AGAINST THEMSELVES. 

While on West all kinds of views and spectacles are encouraged, Putin alone that imitates certain Western values is not as open to justice system as West is(don't expect any kinds of DNA and so on investigation - the one who will investigate your tragedy in Russia is a regular prison guard who takes orders from Putin), so you may think over before getting yourself involved in any activities that may end your life with beyond tragedy.

If murder took place in reality(if hands were real), it was a KGB butchers who have done it. Yes yes...Alice's Wonderland does has its bad sides....

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