Monday, November 11, 2019

French fascist whose government along with German brought refugees to Europe with idea to redistribute them to neutral countries for the sake of intolerance(hatred) via court in Strasbourg now calls Europe for what he refers as a wake up call

Europe should not be compelled to treat the enemy (China or Russia) of its friend (America) as its enemy. <<have you heard this Poland and others who were told to promote German(not even French or British) rather than Chinese/Japanese car products on its soil !!???? 

The EU, he told The Economist, was built to be America’s junior partner. <<yes, to be junior partner of big Germany...non German Europen ancestry is doing really really fine in US if I am not mistaken or am I...and US never ever looked better in the eyes of international community...

If I may suggest to Hungary and Poland is to file law suit against Germany and France for attempts to wake up fascism/nazism via issues mentioned in title...countries which lured refugees to Europe should be held financially liable.accountable from members states - Germany should be liable for its repeated crimes to entire humanity as one owes more than just to EU for her criminal deeds from the past. I also hoped that you also realized that nazis which gestured you to refrain yourself from(in into) Chinese and other investments are behind our backs very stimulated in operating with them as much as possible...feel bad for Russia here which was drown under the water by Putin.

France never was like this is what European(the one which attempted to exterminate some 90+ percents of Europeans alone - what Macron calls as European is in fact very anti European) call looked like just 70 something years ago...started with Jews ended with EUROPEANS inside of the furnaces.

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