Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Amid my MKultra claims, Germany bails out of big Germany a German individual which seems to have caused some real real problems in US and is trying to portray itself(German state not individual) via controlled media even as a victim on a global scale


  • On October 10, 2017, Germany's ambassador Dr. Peter Wittig and its former president Christian Wulff, amongst Söring's Counsel Steven Rosenfield and others, attended Söring's 13th parole hearing. Following this hearing, Wittig told the assembled media "We are deeply convinced of the innocence of Jens Söring." [39]<==IT WAS GERMAN MERKEL'S GOVERNMENT WHO WAS IMPLICATED IN MY CASE THAT ANTICIPATED FOR US AUTHORITIES TO SEE RELEASE OF HERE MENTIONED INDIVIDUAL THROUGH MY CASE VIA TORTURE OF WHAT THEY PRESENTED TO ME AND TO THE WORLD IN 2000 AS US CITIZEN(ITS WHY I MENTIONED HERE ISSUE KNOWN AS "BIG GERMANY" TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR - we Slavs under no circumstances fit into category of sob called WHITE therefore as we are TOTALLY unequal as it gets under same laws - not only was Amazon founder selected by Donald Trump loaded with 165 billion USD and myself with what you see here, but seems my case was/is used for aa bit more) - as this is what I was awarded with at citizenship's ceremony in year 2000.

In short: 35 years ago, German community in US, POSSIBLY setup students Mr. Jens and Elizabeth Haysom with murder plot inside of their own German community in big Germany on what time for their release arrived 35 years latter which also didn't go without schizophrenic political notation/message to the world for those that are up to its beliefs = >>German officials have sought Soering’s release. Multiple governors, including Northam, rejected his bids for pardons or clemency.
Northam’s office says both Soering and Haysom will be deported and unable to return to the U.S.<<

For additional camouflage keep in mind that Northaam is not republican, but instead controlled opposition known as democrat. Whole thing a setup between German government and US administration(I will not even use word "Trump" on here because whole thing is so pathetic that makes one throw up when considering what US in reality is).

Criminal case's grand idea/misconception of deliberate process delay was to create to the world picture of liberal Germany which have fallen a victim to US where they in fact represent majority of so called WHITE population. Crime took place in predominately German community for things to be even more ridiculous....

USA - 35 years ago when one was still very very radical - dating as an Buddhist born in Bangkok despite Soering being German, an Aryan as Haysom was and a vice-versa(I bet they resented her as well) was(and most still is in many families) back then a no no - marked as good to go either way. Its why things are going from bad to the worst. RADICAL USA YESS !!! FASCIST/ NAZI AND HATEFUL COUNTRY AS IT  GETS !!! HATEFUL TO THE POINT THAT ELDERLY COUPLE WHICH FITS IN GROUP OF ARYANS WAS STABBED NO LESS THAN 50 TIMES IS HOW HATEFUL/ANGRY !!! Its a world where everyone is eaten including own people. Its a legacy which leads humanity toward dead end in which if their would manage to meet their extermination goals of humanity, they would each other till few chosen would be left...."chosen" is a word we hear, "chosen" is what they see themselves vs other people on globe as !!!

I cite:

The slayings were particularly violent, with both victims having their throats slashed and collectively being stabbed nearly 50 times. After the killings, Soering and Elizabeth Haysom fled overseas and were arrested in London. Soering fought his extradition for several years, but Elizabeth Haysom did not. At Soering’s trial, she testified that she manipulated Soering into committing the killings because the parents wanted to end their daughter’s relationship with Soering.
Soering testified that Haysom committed the killings, then persuaded him to confess.


You will not see citation seen above in most of controlled media :))))

How I see whole thing as through this case as well: regardless of Jens either being brainwashed under MKultra to run to London or not, he displayed typical German attitude - the one of even today's German state which spread through me unto Eastern part of Europe like a virus by ruining my life and have taken no responsibility for its actions whatsoever(they take 25 years of life like this to you and even pay for crippling - block you on EU court and so on - they tend to run from truth that already costed Slavic nations 40 million lives 70 years ago). Its why I think Slavic nations should racially reclassify itself from so called "white" to "Slavic white". Reject any kinds of Germanistic ideas about common goals as per race as we can all see what its all about(using us to exterminate others and then implement against us alone what already once was known as "final solution" against Jews).

Related to

Unlike in my case, so called human rights institutions did intervened:

European Commission of Human Rights
Soering's application was declared admissible on 10 November 1988, and the European Commission of Human Rights gave its judgment on 19 January 1989. It decided, by six votes to five, that in this particular case the extradition would not constitute inhuman or degrading treatment. It did, however, accept that the extradition of a person to a country "where it is certain or where there is a serious risk that the person will be subjected to torture or inhuman treatment the deportation or extradition would, in itself, under such circumstances constitute inhuman treatment."
European Court of Human Rights
On 7 July 1989, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) handed down a unanimous judgment affirming the Commission's conclusion that Article 3 could be engaged by the extradition process and that the extraditing state could be responsible for the breach where it is aware of a real risk that the person may be subject to inhuman or degrading treatment.
Amnesty International intervened in the case and submitted that, in the light of "evolving standards in Western Europe regarding the existence and use of the death penalty", this punishment should be considered as inhuman and degrading and was therefore effectively prohibited by Article 3. This was not accepted by the ECHR, as the Convention does allow for the death penalty's use in certain circumstances. It followed that Article 3 could not stand in the way of the extradition of a suspect simply because they might be subject to the death penalty.
However, even if the extradition itself would not constitute a breach of Article 3, such factors as the execution method, the detainee's personal circumstances, the sentence's disproportionality to the gravity of the crime, and conditions of detention could all violate Article 3. To answer this question, the Court had to determine whether there was a "real risk" of Soering's being executed. Relying on arguments by the Attorney-General for England and Wales, the ECHR did not give much weight to U.S. authorities' assurance that the Commonwealth of Virginia would not seek the death penalty.
Departing from the Commission's ruling, the ECHR concluded that the "death row phenomenon" did breach Article 3. They highlighted four factors that contributed to the violation:
  • The length of detention prior to execution
  • Conditions on death row
  • Soering's age and mental condition
  • The possibility of his extradition to Germany
As the ECHR concluded:

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