Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Laptop ended whenever left in car ended 100% of the time if parked infront of the stores or in the city streets with detached hard drive

Car parked in the front raw infront of postal office on ul. Dolga was opened...left in laughable condition with trunk, so I could not miss under any circumstances an intrusion which took place while I was in library next door...the latest victims seems to be either ruined battery(new one - bough just prior to arrival Poland and almost never used as I used other compuer) or modified Windows to the point when computer CHARGING(remember what were tgheyr doing to my phones via charging issues) system is again driven insane to the point I feel will completelly destroy me battery or laptop alone...this was recorded right after I left computer in the car on the street for about an hour...
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/UUzv-ihtVMs
Game with started as soon as I got laptop together at Lodzka 58...

Burgaliresemtns of vehicvle and play with laptops hard drive and either batter ot Windows's charging issues Whatever comes as new is destroyed/modified prior to arrival...violence goes on.

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