Friday, November 8, 2019

Fourth video in progress

Audios will played after one to confirm my account of story 100% s converter, but is not on car today yet despite my having appointment with local mechanic who already repaired this very car about 10 years ago. What happened with car...

what happened with car was that Americans poke fun at Czech automaker Skoda...individual who sold me car drove car occasionally already wayyyy earlier than what he gestured - just few days prior to a proud Polish, he went ahead and have catalytic converter removed from car to prove them better performance(acceleration/speed) on one...this is how whole thing started with catalytic converter and this very car...mechanic which should weld converter on my car today didn't do it for either two we know each other for already some 15 yaers I estimate him and his coworker ohh yeah - I will give whole account on that too), so he could say that I wouldn't do it with him despite us having agreement and second so he could come up tomorrow at 8am with pressure on how he also can't do it(obviously to primarily hurt me with idea on how I will build grudge against others involved upon receiving or yet again to give me yet another slap in the face in return for given trust of which I will never ever give up from). Either way if something like this would happen, once I post online stuff(do this one since I really have to get it done as soon as possible) they tend to stay away from possible problems meaning that I also help mechanic to get his job done tomorrow. 

Written here was necessary part just as reminder mentioned in movie that for mechanic who repaired sabotaged clutch within 5 minutes or even less would be proven wrong in continuation if I would take his side of the story for granted and not take car further to another shop for additional inspection - because it would involve to many other issues via which would jeopardize theories such as  A MUST REPLACEMENT OF ENTIRE TRANSMISSION etc as told by other mechanic and due to brainwash on how they definitely will have one changed for broken one....

I continue to believe in people despite all and refuse consciously to accept any kind of prejudice against anyone involved despite few bad apples which they alone didn't have choice other than to comply...POLISH PEOPLE INVOLVED IN MKULTRA EVEN B***D ME THAT I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT CERTAIN ISSUES AND PLACE PROOFS ONLINE AS SOON AS I SEE THEM(IMMEDIATELY) TO PREVENT FURTHER PROBLEMS WHICH WOULD REPEAT OTHERWISE FROM MKULTRA SCENARIO...will not say who yet, but many did that had bad assignments to do that really didn't want to carry out.

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