Monday, November 4, 2019

The art of the deal

I believe in fact Duda learned from Donald Trump's "Art of The Deal" on how to close faith of an individual by offering one chance to redeem himself for something he have nothing to do with through something that will even cripple him on what victim is self destroyed thanks to brainwash he receives along MKultra procedure - its why it was okaay for Trump's selected few Americans to openly incite against Poland inside of the Poland when subjected to MKultra.... It works the same way if I would do the opposite and start to curse all Americans because of Donald Trump and few other pro neonazi German clowns which ran operation from US side...

Still, US must be acknowledged as big Germany where minorities also exist. Only like this and in no other form, people of US can defend(awake to reality) their right to existence(vanished issues of equality) within the system itself. What we see in US for the last 30 years has nothing to do with guide of founding fathers. USSR was bad(its what was used to break American traditions), but what we witness today in US is far worse.

Its okay to be Italian...its okay to see yourself as French or British...okay to be proud about your Polish/ Ukrainian/ Russian whatever ancestry and reject in the face of perpetrators any possible gestures on connection with Germany.

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