Sunday, November 24, 2019

Its a sickness related to all sorts of mental problems - he doesn't remember women he raped nor officials he dealt with Is appealing to all sorts of lunatics experiencing mental problems and frustrations. Doesn't like handicapped people, has total disrespect for women, derision(total contempt) for workers, would shoot Mexicans in legs(is a heavy racist bigott who resorts to MKultra torture to indoctrinate his "aryan" vision onto people who reject nazism), has enslaved US citizen for own business purposes, is a paedophile, and list goes on and on and on...US president like no other. Found ally in paranoid schizofren Vladimir Putin which used his friendship and friendship Buckingham palace(NAZI SWITCHBOARD) for assoult on Ukraine where 13.000 Ukrainians were murdered.

Is not his first. All these and more from man who claims to have a great genes. Is a self proclaimed genius. 

Honestly, he doesn't differ much from those in mental asylum with heavy mental issues. Waw, we never had case like this before yet. I very well remember on the other hand that he demanded from me within electroshocking intervals to recall all MKultra events in Poland and abroad(off course also in US of which citizen I am) FOR NO LESS THAN 24 YEARS !!!


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