Tuesday, November 26, 2019

What Kaczynski/Duda organized against me was all audio recorded

They imitated several psychologists today including my little psych<3logist in whom I remain interested in.

Plot against her started already on Friday when they had numerous women involved in MKultra pose me(abuse on what traditionally scenes with children and beautiful women would follow if I wouldn't express interest in children - why/how - because her doppelgangers translated abuse as my pledge to adjust myself to new myself who would embrace failure as ultimate solution - women with children would appear after abuses on what if I wouldn't express interest in them beautiful women would in sexy outfits would begun to appear everywhere around and in front of me - its because as told under MKultra mentioned psychologist would feel I no longer am interested in her - here stated was exampled and repeated to me during as well as after MKultra procedure on probably 200+ times what most likely would upset any individual I know of - add to that attempts to rob you of financial resources at banks and other scam and you will get taste of lunacy - its what they have orchestrated me over and over for year and half now in Poland already).

Looking at women as brainwashed was a no no as I am as told monitored via video cameras 24/7 on every sidewalk/room in sleep etc...these women would pose to ensure that I am into her only on what typically as mentioned above process would role on and on...no hell person would curse everything and everyone if exposed to this types of circumstances - well, not here. She is a girl of my choice. My preferred option if she wants...

After Friday's scams, whole thing was intensified via water closure which went on for 2 days(sub zero temperatures in apt. for min 2 months already) unto what took place today when the right for me to submit request for immigration registration was even denied - immigrants(regular flash mob) wouldn't allow me to approach to window claiming that private listing of visitors was created(60+ on list infront of me when in reality not even 20 were there in the morning upon my 30 minute prior to opening arrival).

The dau started, however, with replica of my psych<3logist girl. Her replica was posted at Biedronka entrance as I walked down the street...then situation with flash mob evolved into my complain for which I was told that one of psychologists from Slovenia will pose to remind me to keep silent or otherwise - his replica was used at immigration's office make no mistake.

Replica of Ukrainian psychologist with whom I met at Warszaw;s immigration center(was with her and little girl for a month or so) with several other flashmobsters which translated a flash mob as possible proposal option(they orchestrated total lunacy under MKultra and attempted to replicate one today) - how I should calm down and act as if nothing happened(instructed to disregard created problems and even ability to approach window today - instructed to rather leave home under MKultra than to risk being seeing in her eyes as unpleasant/angry).

It didn't stopped...on streets looks from bystanders attempted to discourage - made sickening looks as I will get in trouble with this type of attitude...coughing followed on every corner everywhwere... was well tested at police station on my perception and ability to handle mental challanges as told to repeat story in Polish language over and over...

On my way back to immigration center yet another replica of psychiatrist appeared for whom I was suggested under MKultra if you see me is over with you...

There was way more, but just think about what I have written here for a single day - I am sure dear reader you now understand what kind of game Warszavian(Fort Trumpsters) terrorists play.

She is a real Polish girl...as Polish as it gets and as feminine as it gets. Classy mother for whom I hope is still somehow interested in me. Didn't work Kaczurinski/Duda :)))))

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