Wednesday, November 27, 2019

What psychologist girl told me under MKultra and its more than real - the truth story of Satan from the White House

Here is what Trump orchestrated:

Calculated destruction of spine as described(via "work on my complain) had exclamation on low weight which I have accomplished by commuting myself from Grotniki to nearest city on Zgierz(2.5 hours away) - was about 70kg(6 tall - therefore very very fit) when I accepted job. Unbearable pain in spine, however, which commenced two weeks latter compelled me to consume food and drink beverages upon daily wake-ups - all the sudden palatalized and with unbearable pain. You go about day by revealing yourself with something as stated here..its how you overcome suffering since there is nothing and no one out there in life really.

Three months long contracts ends and you get yourself on street crippled. Polish government declined assistance of any kind(perhaps I will get one month of financial help and thats about it) and even orthopedic assistance(examination) is denied to you. Setups with car and problems which landlord created contribute under impossible ton deal circumstances in neural problems - possible development of pathos/psychological issues can result due to constant problems crises which Polish immigration wasn't shy from either. Food as natural reliever now becomes a KILLER as weight increased ever since and one becomes a issue for spine itself. YOU ARE DEAD AND DONALD TRUMP LIBERATED WITH ASSISTANCE OF HIS EXECUTIONERS IN POLAND AND IN US(YOUR DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN PARTIES THAT IS - CONTROLLED OPPOSITIONS).

What is this if not assassination of hum,an being through his conscious !!?????

Blaming me for crimes against people with which I have nothing to do with paid off, but to whom - to the one who tortured for no less than 17 years is who...

This is yet the most discussting and inhumane example of MKultra in its entire existence. World have not seen anything alike yet.

Go on surgery and more likely than not you will end crippled for the rest of your life. Who knows what they do to your spine or even insert in one to be activated at whatever point/time. They have also used torture methods via certain directed energy weapons to cause artificial pain(to intensify one) at these selected locations. I was pointed out by police alone on some sorts of devices(also laser alike guns used to point at walking bye people or people standing i store lines) that are used top check reality of people's spine related problems via them. When it all started it was weird as I could go 15 days with extreme pain and then day without and feeling as spine is recovering on what again whole thing repeated...settings were also specially modified to cause as much as possible harm. Pipe in bathroom where one would wash his teeth clustered first day to compel me to rather bent whenever washing teeth and so on. Will create video on this subject.

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