Monday, November 18, 2019

@Prince Andrew

You were gonna bring subject about this once underage girl(now very much grown adult woman who lives in Australia) 10+ years ago(speech was ready back then already), but due to cowardice in you, you waited till today. 

Your confrontation of closeted fears inside of you publicly also means Trump is going to Moscow and Brexit is happening. Britain of firm step forward toward neonzism/imperialism - human slavery and extermination for which prince Phillip wished for so many times.

Coward of the cowards you are. I pity Beatrice/Eugenie and foremost Sarah...they deserved real father(you could have seen her in your own children and take care her, but it was too much for your big you) and real husband. A real man whatever that means in your family.

Andrew released news foremost(just as equal as his inferior he finally came out clean about rape infront ofg public who he feared since 2002 - hiding his resentment for public laws from public no less than 17 years) to destruct from Trump's impeachment which will never ever take place - they are all in bed with one another. Macron, Merkel, Trump, Putin, Kaczynski, Royals and Italian fascists(Salvini/Berlusconi/Lega Nord).

It is more than just time to abolish this crazy GOOD FOR NOTHING(weaklings) monarchy.

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