Tuesday, November 12, 2019

First location in St. Petersburg

This goes far far back...I am not sure even if place still exists. Place was located 5 minutes from statue/square

I have to go do stuff..we were at least 5 different hostels all over this area of St. Petersburg. KGB Valerio from Belarus who was in Grotnikah polluted case with a lots of lies if mentioned fact about 5 different locations isn't bad enough already...truly makes me angry to think how much they expected from me and what they have given...makes me angry to see weed used Musk to bath in money via lies and same Trump(demented individual - mental wrack who ruins lives of others so he doesn't look as is in daily routine). What I think about it all - HORROR(not related to professor, but idiots who subjected me to something that should be stopped if any honest intentions ever existed on the first place the moment they begun to brainwash me on different locations) !!!

Gotta go to do something for myself out there...this whole thing sucks. Waste of time.

This garbage is a case proven beyond doubt. Garbage like this is worth for them so I waste much needed money on something worthless rather than to survive. United Nations must act in respect to this public murder case. Professor's case is fake - this one is real(25 years lost because of political criminals and case goes on).

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