Monday, November 25, 2019

Just at the doctors office, I am yet again blocked to apply for "karta pobitu" in Poland

Has nothing to do with psychologist I am interested in. Still am :)))Its a fine setup just as the one on Friday wad when they tried to charme 30zl for bank statement where officials signature would appear - paid latter just 6 at another branchs office.

Am at police now - straza graniczna declined to assist.

Sure women with children and babbies appeared out of nowhere(bombarded arwa where I was), but this is all manipulation. Will never allow any sorts of surprises(uhhh, they brainwashed on all possible scenarios and its what beside pain in spine angers me the most) like this because my in my case stuff lke this was involved heavily to dement me - take down personal guards via lies even for a single day(see it the way you shouldnt)....and day by day like this and you are ruined. One becomes mentally ill.

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