Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Read one more time as this will go into full effect - you will deal with it like it or not

Yes, I firmly belive that we Slavs have to distance ourseves from "WHITE" as much as possible. Reclassify ourselves if neccesary into another racial group will help us to survive(gives ability individual to claim discrimination at government office as a Slavic individual vs what in my case was denial of the right to claim discrimination of any kind as a so called WHITE PERSON) rather than to mistakenly disappear via Germanized names(self inflicted death via social engineering).

Have seen some ugly looks this morning, but I don't care. Accross the border(hopefully things never get as bad as are in Poland - Kaczynski will become a thing of the past like it or not), you will eventually thank me for what was written here. Ignorance is a bad answer to me. Never cared for one.

I in fact thank Mr. Soering and his real guarduian of us all just as are other Gods people choose - Buddha :))) 

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