Monday, November 18, 2019

CRIPPLING WAS WELL PLANNED: I asked questions today at ZUS which answers, however, I knew already few days earlier

The moment I called on Friday ZUS, I recognized melody that was same melody played already in 2013. Call at ZUS was made from public library in Zgierz...

ZUS - The Social Insurance Institution is a Polish state organization responsible for social insurance matters, operating since 1934. ZUS is supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Why ZUS for me !?!???

Because of lack of employment due to being half crippled, I was compelled into asking for social assistance a Polish state - ZUS.

Its not coming along easy at all as they are trying to catch cat in a bag. Doctor likes to think I am faking injury and so do staff likes me a lot a lot, but at the same time doesn't want to be seen as someone who just gives me green light on little meaw meaw - he doesn't want to be seen as such. He warned me about himself under MKultra. Would be best to get someone else according to his own words. Cried about my political involvement with which he didn't and doesn't want to have anything to do with. Despite his warnings, people involved in MKultra(Zgierzans from all backgrounds) rushed infront of his office to give me company whenever waiting in line...their assistance related to MKultra memories rained on me in his waiting room. Still, it is extremely unpleasant to be seen as someone faking whole thing if I recall lets say ZUS employees about 6 years ago in 2013 when brought to them(about kilometer from my present residence). Keep in mind I never ever was suposedly in Poland till 2018 :))) unpleasant because I refuse to simulate(over exaggerate/inflate injury) spine problems. Just a look on my inflated right hand one month and half after job ended(its called herniated disc )probably explains enough my needs...

Something I was prompted to do under MKultra(has nothing to do with my doctor who is there to help only - instead Kaczynksi's team) to degree I could be refuted by medical team. 

There is no need to - you see, when I attempted to report myself to unemployment office, very nice lady there(will not disclose her name) asked me if I am sure about my steps on what she happily gave me news how luckily for me, there are plenty jobs available in same profession as previously employed in....that opened my brain a bit more and I realized that as employed for(packer of boxes), I will end on wheelchair for the rest of my life within one month or even less 100% if registering myself as available for job search - no such thing in Poland as available for less physically demanding jobs.

When in library on Friday(have proofs about it all), I immediately detected melody which played already on call line in 2013 - its someone unlikely I have to thank her that for...someone in library who dedicated her brain to my situation for many years. Wanted to help at all costs and at the end found her perfect solution to my future problem through very unusual way. All I can say is, it worked and want to thank her and other ladies from my heart.I knew exactly what steps to take next and did today at ZUS where I identified several employees...not all as there were and are few also upstairs - few I have not even seen in real time, but do remember you know.

Featured job that played out in the past as future ordeal(Trump's Americans who addressed me with "attention Dead man walking"and with on where am I with "in city where you will be killed in the future") which would cripple me awaited my arrival to Zgierz all along - now fact proven/undeniable. 

Not Poland where drama played, but those which financed crippling...well, I have spoken about them already. They seemed to become thirsty for more and more over time...not for offering more money on table only to get ordeal going, but to literally leave me crippled on wheelchair if only possible - and Poland in the middle of it guilty for it all.

Think I have found my purpose in life and country of my choice. Hope to make one more visible to all of you through something you are not allowed to see...

MKultra(what happened above - why/how I recognized melody)
Lady made up her own story about beautiful innocent music of Polish social system - made me listen one and indirectly with third participant obtained from me how sure melody is beautiful..."so innocent Polish" she continued and then I cite, "and you foreigner are  taking advantage of her - well-faring yourself at her expenses...aren't you ashame etc." :))) <==most of you would say itys abusive. I thought the same when subjected to this trick under MKultra, but today I know it helped me prove plot beyond doubt. I am sure you get it. Sure enough other ladies rushed her to help some more...poor Sebastian😅 From what I recall, nothing these librarian ladies whom  I have criticized in the past 
wouldn't do for me.

Extremely difficult MKultra case...the toughest one yet, but solved after almost 25 years.

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