Wednesday, November 13, 2019

F-35s Belong in a Museum: Europe Has Some Wild 6th-Generation Fighter Dreams

Perhaps someone would demonstrate to Sejm this news.

I believe so because I REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND why safety of the country wouldn't matter to either political party in Poland. 


What planes like this can do for Poland !!???? Answer is nothing. For the cost of each plane here, five Saab JAS 39 be bought. Fact is that Poland would exceed all its needs with 50 JAS 39 units(its what you would get for the cost of for the cost of just 10 F35 units).

Most crucial, however, is left out on a rain...well, if anything - place photos of multimillionaire Jarosław Kaczyński and his Marta on F35 wings... 
Very very inappropriate act - for opposition.

Poland must distance itself from aggressive either domestic or international views. Poland must demonstrate its views on own existence through promotion of peace and tolerance for all. Its national security should reserve the right to trigger if necessary as last resort what some(lets say North Korea or Putin) are using to rattle the world with, but at no time Poland should do the same or even participate in some kinds of global imperial marches(colonization - enslavement of nations) against humanity. 

History of people of Poland scattered all over the world due to foreign oppression/ Polish nation as historically broken and divided between various foreign powers which occupied one for centuries should tell her people written here as best option. Don't try to be what you are not and what you will never ever be seen as and cash on your past through promotion of universal values of this planet to which no one will object.

Cheap, maneuverable, and more than sufficient for small country's needs. Could substitute here seen and mentioned number with limited number of admixture of F16s and Russian Sukhois/Migs in case self manufacturing plane needs...Poland is tooo small and financially too limited country to operate above seen fleet which already is outsourced big time with far more advanced technology of which neighbors are in possession...

Related to(independence march that had nothing to do with independence, but everything against one)

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