Sunday, November 10, 2019

America worse than Hitler's Germany

US Government allows Donald Trump publicly expressing derision for basic human dignities including this very case, so his news for the price of psychotic outbursts can go on....WORLD MUST REJECT AMERICAN NEONAZI INDOCTRINATION VIA MOST HORRIFIC(mentally sick) ENTERTAINMENTS WITH WE ARE BOMBARDED ON DAILY BASES.

Gaffes and insults are in fact needed for Trump(and for US Government 's deep state to get agenda done) to avoid what should have been already long time ago a jail - if US would be even somewhat country adhering laws which are on display to other "must obey or jail" citizens. 

US, as is is the BIGGEST threat to humanity world have ever seen. Is the country openly inciting China and Russia in armed conflicts If they were at least half serious about global peace, they wouldn't be displaying Trump on political stage on the first place. Its all about destabilization of the world which is leading openly into WWIII.

I see now that my news helped greatly Putin/Trump.

For the people like this is a Nurnberg, and not front pages of main stream media.

Part of Trump's campaign to provoke psychotic as much as possible feedback from provoked public....rather than protests outside on the street and condemnation of broad public for his disturbed behavior.
Laughing world in face...
Pedophile/rapist(a neonazi who calls openly on shooting people) will tell you what he feels about you and should now even matter to you...since when !!???? In America make no mistake...
The real face of American deep state.

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