Thursday, November 28, 2019

I appologise, but when I see people paying attention to a sick politicians rather than

normal people in need whom they ruined and continue to ruin lives, I couldn't help myself. I feel like "best of gore" site - providing free entertainment done on me by these little parasites on political stages you the people created by uncontrolable hatred and through corruption.

Feels like you are in need for more excitement. Seems as MKultra map of US - anger is your only motivation/purpose in life. Resentments/retaliations the only way to need Trumps for whatever costs that may be.

We have become extremelly pathetic place to exist. Unworthy of God. Whatever happened to smile on mothers or her child's face...grandma/grandpa and so on..

For me a planet consumed by anger serves no purpose in universe. If we were all gone as human race(actually there is a great chance we will blow one another away), I bet reliefed earth would whisper through crickets/frogs, "uhhhhh, finally they are all gone and world at peace".

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