Tuesday, November 12, 2019

About Kaczynskis and Polish delegation which visited with our international economic team St Petersburg - 2001/2002

They just like myself became insane about beauty of the city. Kaczynskis both sing song to St. Peters burg to Polish delegation. Suggested that all Poles became super excited about one - many wanted to stay there and its where he is hiding with his Russian wife make no mistake.

This individual along with Morawiecki and Duda - all were in St. Petersburg and all had advanced knowledge of 2010 Smolensk - have murdered 100 Polish patriots !!! He also reclassified my small nation(1.5 million of Poles located on Balkans) into another Slavic group so ethnic cleansing could be completed for the sake of new Serboslavia - Yugoslavia is you like.

As a result over 30.000 of Slovenian natives(basically Poles on Balkans as this is what we are) run in search for dead end accross the border(sounds like Poland alone)  and are replaced by newcomers most often from Serbia. I have nothing against Serbs or Russians, but will not go quietly into the night for the sake of some sick ideals and personal ambitions rather than what should be mutual cooperation of nations which should pledge to peace.

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