Monday, November 11, 2019

More details on MKultra - St. Petersburg massacre

His apartment was on second floor - upper floor and I remember interior of apartment unit as well. Professor would use here seen pattern to get to the bridge in evening hours when city would tun down for cigarette or two(he did smoked, but in private not in school :))))
They have brainwashed me as well on two other locations, but this one is just really really real tom me. Yes, I can describe the interior of the apartment. 

Yes, I was there and in many other Russian cities - the furthest I was, was next to Japan and this with Ukrainian gentleman whose interview I will release to you as well...he was one of the first who got involved in MKultra and Putin got him job in his hood in Moscow. Was his personal gardner few times only, but keep him ion distance because of this very case.

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