Monday, November 11, 2019

Well - good night then :))))

Did you involved in MKultra case know that MY MKULTRA CASE was used to write dead sentences for many of you who participated in one !!???? Its what I was told, see, and can now even tell about it as is publicly visible.

Enjoy your ride in hope death will override your money stored on banking accounts(no it will not - Donnie have to prove himself to those whom he and his murderous CIA team promised will do the cleansing for - to the deep German state)

People murdered are a waste...a trash...a garbage good for nothing and no one. These are people who came even to Poland(extensive MKultra torture on me was done also in US) and to other locations TO TORTURE with false promises to the nation to defend(they gestured when torturing to PREVENT SEEN from coming to life) one when time comes. Instead, they defended their Dollars on bank accounts and watched the show from the distance - laughed when watching me go about struggle just to stay alive.

The best about it(I refuse to see tragedies of people like this as tragedies - all they cared about was themselves and the least about those whom they have claimed they tortured for) is how Donald Trump's team murdered Charles Levin whose truth about body decomposition wouldn't even surface for some time - meaning he bought himself a time(the one who wrote cause of death is also the one who took Charles for his last ride). Guess who is next...YOU !!!

You perhaps may still have chance(I doubt it) but you have to hurry up because Dr. Death's team works night and day...some of you may not even remember your past bye now - who knows...but if few of you are still left alive, you may want to untwist your tongue about this very case before all of you are gone one bye one :))) Hollywood - now, thats a funny place.


Of all these Hollywood false prophets(truth warriors - heroes and funny comedians and everything in between), and politicians and all other clowns seen in daily life - the only REAL person left on public stage in fight for people's post WWII pledge(one must never repeat) is myself. The least likely - the one who was guilty for all - evil neonazi to whom whole world turned its back just to find himself in front of God. Thats all...

Till the "Make America Great Again" ice cream truck stops at door steps in-front of your home :)))
Sooooo many goofs gooffed on front pages of journals on TV - recipients of all types of rewards(Nobel's peace price "winners")...the poorest thing in the world that you possibly could see was at the same time bagging for job from door to door all over America, in Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, Hungary, Belarus and so on(over 30.000 job applications turned down on two continents)...psychiatrists got me as the right to work was suspended..tortured the Kaiser's money count popcorn pup ended in sleep...

Blacks are listed to go...they are most defenseless people in US and as such have thanks to Obama , engaged in underground terror war behind curtain with neonazis(deep American state) - imagine this.

How Levins got gagged !!???? Well, they were told by foreign politicians concerned for them for one to stay away and they seems have had trouble doing just that(its when OKAY is given from the other side - remember they have their interests as well !!???)

"The relaxation"(paralisation) period came as second and went on like this for many years for victims to distance themselves from reality in every aspect - thats time when you want to forget about what went on in your past - you are reminded what is in your best interest...just like MKultra victims, you too want to move on with life(governments provide assistants for you to feel normal - who knows what was done to them and if many remembered at all what they were doing to me and many others at all). Its called death by social engineering. Thats when people are dying(incl. you) right infront of your eyes and you refuse to deal reality(I should say pick popcorn over dealing with truth). Enjoy your morning shows and possible "impeachments" and wait for 2020...make sure to tell your friends for free whom they should vote for and why...

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