Sunday, November 24, 2019

There is a heavily sick(PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC) individual inside of the White House

Before Kellyanne was John Bolton and numerous others...he sleeps apart from Melania locked inside of the room with TV and fridge loaded with hamburgers...

I am certain you understand why was/is so important to destroy me everything and drive me nuts here in Poland - its icy cold in here and I am now even without water(from yesterday morning throughout entire day to what is 0200am as I am writing)...the more I write about idiot#2's MKultra episodes which he and his paranoid Russian camrade Putin demanded, the less two real lunatics are seen realistically. I get it I get it...great job Duda/Kaczynski/Pahor can see now how far political lunacy has gone. NORMAL MALES IDENTIFIED AS INSANE TORTURED IN ASYLUMS AND REAL LUNATIC INCHARGED OF TOP GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS. Heh...nice nice

I sure didn't suppose I will be writing one day stuff like this in my life, but hey...sometimes things can turn like this too. Smile Melania smile...I don't think Ms Kellyanne Conway, would change her "Total Whack Job" husband for White House hero whom she is obligated to Melania would.

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