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Nina's grandfather whom I have described as light hair or red haired on both man begun to built his dacha(weekend house) with me when his son also light haired at the time was still studying at the local university - for that matter I believe he has a either a technical secondary school or is a engineer(most likely is a case). I was probably 6 years of age at the time when her father went on to study perhaps even work in the city who knows. Its what Ukraine figured out would use to protect its interests against my claims which would potentially involve torture which was exercised at large against me throughout Ukraine - same as in Russia and/or Belarus. However, even this family was involved in torture at request of most likely Americans/British who paid $$$$ - They hosted psychiatrist Peter Kapš with police who also had habit to pay $$$ for torture which difference concerning me was/is none. 

I now consequently no longer allow Ukraine to stick nose into my case as was most likely the biggest cause for my being ruined - decimated/deleted. Wish them best of luck in newly founded EU/NATO alliance, but thats all. Ukraine acknowledge its part of extermination procedure against me during MK Ultra in a very same treacherous murderous backstabbing heinous way as Bill Clintons have done it and together with them using American diplomats to even threaten me with how they would side with Russia and become against part of one for disclosing any of what you have seen above - Americans insisting me during MK Ultra how war in Ukraine was/is done for my sake and Ukraine will receive assistance only because of me should I say anything Ukraine, Ukraine that would loose its Western assistance. 


Russia may not start an all-out war with NATO, but already has plans to destroy it from within 

Tom Porter Updated Thu, 2 May 2024 at 9:34 pm CEST·7-min read

  • Some politicians say Russia poses the gravest threat to European security since World War II.

  • But Russia has been weakened by the Ukraine war and is in no position to attack NATO, experts say.

  • Instead, they say Putin wants to weaken and undermine NATO from within.

The era of relative peace and prosperity the West has enjoyed since the end of World War II may be coming to an end.

In March, Donald Tusk, Poland's prime minister, said Europe was in a "prewar" era and that if Russia defeated Ukraine, it could spell trouble for the security of the continent.

"I don't want to scare anyone, but war is no longer a concept from the past," Tusk said in an interview with several European media outlets. "It is real. In fact, it already started more than two years ago," referring to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It's one of a series of increasingly stark warnings that the war in Ukraine could be a prelude to a much bigger conflict.

German military-planning documents that leaked in January laid out a scenario where Russia launched a massive 2024 offensive to take advantage of waning Western support in Ukraine.

The documents, obtained by Bild, said Russia could then turn its sights on NATO members in Eastern Europe as it seeks to destabilize its enemies through cyberattacks and internal chaos.

Late last year, Poland's national-security agency said Russia could launch attacks on NATO countries within three years.

Article 5 of NATO's charter treaty stipulates that NATO nations must protect each other from attack, which means a Russian attack on one member could spark a war involving several nuclear-armed states.

But whether Putin really intends to attack a NATO country — and what an attack might look like — remains unclear.

In March, Putin said he doesn't intend to attack any NATO members, describing such claims as "complete nonsense."

However, Western military chiefs are not convinced. A month earlier, Putin threatened NATO with the prospect of a nuclear attack over its support for Ukraine.

He alluded to a suggestion by France's president Emmanuel Macron that NATO could send troops to Ukraine to support its fight against Russia.

Geopolitical analysts told Business Insider that Russia has been weakened by the war in Ukraine and is in no position to attack a NATO state.

But Putin is playing a long game, and the outcome of the Ukraine war and Russia's long-standing bid to corrode NATO will be key factors in determining whether Russia wants to attack.

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