Saturday, May 18, 2024

MK ULTRA PHILIPPINES: Philippine Angie Mead King was involved in British EXTERMINATION PROCEDURE probably since 1988 - Angie contemplated on sex change and was encouraged into Mount Everest of VIOLENCE against me till she changed her sex

Criminal Philippine government insisted I discriminated her(drugged up and tortured and I was accused to have discriminated her - hijacked to Philippines from Slovenia and USA by CIA and UDBA/KGB) just as to numerous others who collected Dollars on their elections campaigns throughout the world.
All you get are reminders where torture took place with suspects whom governments used for torture to remind you what and where torture went on.

For this reason, I will begun campaign against every government on earth/state/nation that was involved in crime. Angie Mead King(mechanic and what became youtube sensation as to what British royals take care truly well by providing all sorts of professionals how to make whole thing look entertaining and professional at the same time) was in extremely great relations with British royals who just as in the case of Fico needed alibi for genocide and this is how they build corruption/espionage network through connections throughout entire globe. Angie Mead King was one of the most violent before she changed her sex with many from Philippines who begun to behave insanely claiming how they got poisoned, killed etc. for coming close to me. This is real British. Lets stop talking about Buckingham palace and open up for truth which they threatened me with will be a case schizophrenia.

Violence which went on at Philippines is impossible to describe.

Its sad to note what people have to commit themselves to, to have their sexes changed and lives improved. Terribly sick people in United Kingdom. They seem still spear one another even for food - probably more than ever. Regular savagery behind tea cup. This is not to spoil Angie Mead King and her partner a life, but I contrary wish to both all the best.

Related to which in case of heavy trauma torture, however, commenced at age 1. It became evident what they were grooming me for and its should be a clear signal to others on how it works and what means to be near this royal savages.


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