Saturday, May 25, 2024

One more time mother tried to make me feel sorry for her as you have sen in video

I do really love to break a police baton on her and can't wait to get her behind bars. This was her last.
Goes same for father whom I no longer visit and who went on to even ridicule me after incident he caused at home for elderly in April 24th 2024 during visit which mother asked me to deliver her to him - about week latter as I delivered mother(all recorded) to father for a visit in afternoon time and as I no longer would pay him visits(I frequently deliver her and pick her up but in the mornings), criminal gestured me in face a week latter during mothers' visit during which I was present how he heard someone screaming a lot - it did pertained to MK Ultra brainwash father exercised with police which was designed to remind me of post incident abuse - gestured me via MK Ultra my arguing with myself at home for his spine breaking procedure.

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